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KABR’s Adam Altman: Most Deals Require a Lot of Boxes to be Checked, but Retail Presents Special Opportunity

Jun 25, 2018

JERSEY CITY, NJ — The Gold Coast is a big place with a lot of exciting activity spanning multiple verticals. Naturally, CapRE’s Second Annual New Jersey Gold Coast North & Bergen County CRE Summit considered all of this when crafting its content. One of the centerpiece panels of that event was a discussion titled Gold … Continue reading “KABR’s Adam Altman: Most Deals Require a Lot of Boxes to be Checked, but Retail Presents Special Opportunity”


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Jun 25, 2018

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Sean Brady, Managing Director at Cushman and Wakefield and Scott Macintire, Director for Client Engagement at the Uptime Institute, are two leading voices in the data center industry, each situated at a unique vantage point, and CapRE looked to them for a brief discussion to provide some key takeaways from the Second … Continue reading “Uptime’s Scott Macintire at Boston Data Center Summit: The Edge is Now Part of Standard IT Strategy”


GDPR Essentially Removes the “Undo” Function

Jun 25, 2018

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Despite the latest and greatest technology revolutionizing in compute architecture, some things remain constant. And perhaps the most constant ingredient is the end-user. So CapRE’s Second Annual Canadian Data Center Summit included a panel titled The End-User Approach to On-Prem, Hybrid, the Cloud, and Tomorrow’s Compute Needs and Initiatives that honed in … 3097674208



Jun 25, 2018

CAMBRIDGE, MA — At CapRE’s Boston & New England Data Center Summit, we gathered a panel of data center engineers to discuss a topic that is far from new, but becoming more and more salient to the data center conversation every day – trends in cooling technologies. After all, disruptive technologies such as blockchain mining … Continue reading “Liquid Cooling Has Its Advantages, But Standardization Isn’t There Yet”

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