Bon Voyage!

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So I’m finally headed to the Middle East, after months of waiting, I’m on a plane bound for Amman via Paris.    I have overpacked, as usual, and my bag ended up weighing a whopping 60 pounds.  I couldn’t live … 4237585688

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Down by the Tallulah River

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My boyfriend belongs to a club called The Fraternal Order of Eagles, that’s similar to The Elks Lodge, with loads of old men drinking and shooting the shit on a Saturday night. At 39, he is by far the youngest … Continue reading

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Disney World: Happiest Place on Earth…Except in August

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On a recent to Tampa to visit my boyfriend’s family, we spent a day at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I have nothing but love for all things Disney and I can’t even tell you how excited I was to … 9545053897

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Habitat Guatemala – The Finale (Day 8 & 9)

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Friday was our last day building at the house and the rabid street dogs must have decided to take it easy on us because I didn’t even notice their howling in the middle of the night. Both of my roommates … Continue reading

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Habitat Guatemala – Day 7

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You know the drill by now. I think I need to borrow one of the big guns from the guard at the front of our hotel to scare those rabid street dogs into shutting up. I wasn’t going to shoot … 631-674-5901

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Habitat Guatemala – Day 6

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Stupid 5:30 AM wakeup alarm, I really hate you! This time it was what I suspect might be a gunshot outside my window at about 2 AM that made me sit up straight in my bed in a panic. The … reflee

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Habitat Guatemala – Day 5

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5:30 AM comes even earlier than the day before when someone shoots off firecrackers outside my window at 3 AM, thus triggering the howling of the pack of rabid dogs that are hanging out somewhere nearby. At that moment, I … Continue reading

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5:30 AM comes early when the pack of rabid dogs outside my window decided to start their howling around 2 AM. I thought that leaving the rooster behind would mean quiet sleep, but I guess I was wrong. My room … Continue reading

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Habitat Guatemala – Day 3

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I woke up on Sunday morning at 5:30 AM, so I would be able to take a shower before everyone else needed the bathroom. We ate breakfast and then all loaded into the van for the almost six hour van … Continue reading

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Habitat Guatemala – Day 2

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That Rooster had it in for me! He was obviously evil. Instead of dawn, or even 3 AM as the previous night, he started his crowing at 2:45 AM this morning. Darn it! Good thing I went to bed early … Continue reading

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